Jenkins On Your Desktop: New Interface for ProQuest Congressional

You may have noticed that ProQuest Congressional looks a little different lately. The new interface has a different look and feel, with the same coverage as before. The ProQuest LibGuide has current information and webinars available from ProQuest. Check out the informational brochure Evolving the Research Experience: ProQuest Congressional for a list of recent and forthcoming enhancements. Here are a few key changes as noted in the brochure:


  • Home page: Quick starting points to help new users connect with popular content types to which your institution is entitled. 
  • Advanced search: Updated layout lets you hone in on targeted search features specific to content types
  • Search by Number: Organized to help users quickly locate the type of citation they are looking for
  • Search results page: Facets moved to the left
  • Date option improvements: Date limiter options now make it easier for users to limit their search to a range of years


  • Federal Register and Code of Federal Regulations number search: Moved from Search by Number form to the Regulations search form

Jenkins’ recent video tutorials have already been remade with pointers on searching and retrieving documents on the updated platform. The tips in our Using ProQuest Congressional, Part 1: Searching the CFR video can be applied to searching the Code of Federal Regulations (1981 - present) and the Federal Register (1980 - present). Extended coverage of both of these publications may be found in HeinOnline. Watch Using ProQuest Congressional, Part 2: Searching for Docs for a tutorial about locating other documents using the Advanced Search and focus features. 

Our “Detailed Proquest Coverage Table” lists the types of documents available for particular time periods through Jenkins’ subscription to this database. The Federal Legislative History Resource Guide also has comprehensive information about locating various types of U.S. Congressional documents. 

Members interested in learning more about ProQuest Congressional are encouraged to sign up for our Jenkins Law Library: On Your Desktop CLE. This class also covers other Member Databases such as HeinOnline, Law Journal Press Online Books, Loislaw Treatise Library, and NOLO.

Stay tuned for Thursday’s blog post about finding Congressional documents in If you have any questions, call the research department at 215.574.1505, email us at, or chat with us.

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