New Materials Added to HeinOnline's U.S. Congressional Documents Collection

HeinOnline's U.S. Congressional Documents Collection was recently expanded by over 600 new titles, including 118 Committee Prints and 508 Congressional Hearings. This brings the U.S. Congressional Documents Collection to a total of 60,317 titles. This collection contains the Congressional Record (beginning with vol. 1, 43rd Congress), the Congressional Record Daily (beginning with vol. 126, 96th Congress), select Congressional Hearings (beginning with the 50th Congress), select Committee Prints (beginning with the 71st Congress), select CRS Reports, and more.

For a full list of materials recently added to HeinOnline, check out Hein's March Newsletter.

Need help navigating HeinOnline? Check out our YouTube videos Using HeinOnline and Printing and Downloading in HeinOnline. HeinOnline provides additional guides, videos, FAQs, and more on its U.S. Congressional Documents Help & Support page. For more information on congressional documents and how to find them, check out our Federal Legislative History research guide.

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