Common Pleas Court Publishes Regulation On Juvenile Lifers Sentenced Without the Possibility of Parole Program

In today's Legal Intelligencer the Court of Common Pleas published General Court Regulation No. 1 of 2016, Juvenile Lifers Sentenced Without the Possibility of Parole Program:

The within General Court Regulation establishes the procedure which will be used to provide Juvenile Lifers Sentenced Without the Possibility of Parole (“JLSWOP”) the opportunity to show that their crime did not reflect irreparable corruption and that they should be considered to be released on parole. Moreover, in light of the fact that cases eligible for this Program span decades and involved numerous trial judges who have retired, have been reassigned, and are otherwise unavailable, extraordinary circumstances exist which, in accordance with Pa. R. Crim. P. 700 (A), justify the assignment of these cases as provided herein, to enable the Court to efficiently and expeditiously dispose of these cases.

A pdf of the regulation, along with a sample JLSWOP Conference Order, is available at

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