Cheetah Practical Content Dashboard


If you are looking for an efficient way to access Cheetah’s practical resources, check out the Practical Content Dashboard. The Practical Content Dashboard is a single access point to all of the practical material found in the individual Practice Areas. The Dashboard includes Cheetah’s Smart Charts, SmartTasks, Guidebooks, Answer Books, Decision Trees, Forms, and Calculators.  

Navigate to the Practical Content Dashboard with the link above the search bar. 

The dashboard is divided into sections by practical content type. To search across all practical content, enter your search in the main search bar. Searches can then be filtered by practice area and practical content type. 

You can also choose to search or browse one content type at a time. Enter your search in a selected content category search bar or select "See All" to browse. 

Access to Cheetah is available onsite at Jenkins. We are currently open by appointment. Make a reservation on our website and try out Cheetah's Practical Content Dashboard on your next visit. 



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