Jenkins On Your Desktop: Intellectual Property Legal Classics on HeinOnline


HeinOnline has an extensive collection of classic and rare legal materials in a variety of subject areas. This Legal Classics Library includes over 3,000 works from a variety of historical legal minds such as Benjamin E. Cardozo and Joesph Story as well as from former presidents like John Adams and Theodore Roosevelt.

There are a number of treatises on intellectual property and copyright, including Augustine Birrell's Seven Lectures on the Law and History of Copyright in Books (1899), George Ticknor Curtis' American Conveyancer (1847), Richard C. De Wolf's Outline of Copyright Law (1925), David Goldstone's Prosecuting Intellectual Property Crimes (1979), James L. Hopkins' Law of Unfair Trade including Trade-Marks, Trade Secrets, and Good-Will (1900), and more.

To access this collection, use your last name and member number to log into Jenkins' website. From either the Member Center or the list of Member Databases, select HeinOnline. Once in Hein, from the Subscribed Libraries list on the left side select Legal Classics.

Hein automatically defaults to a browse option with an alphabetical listing by document title. To browse the collection by topic, select "Browse: By Subject" from the menus on the left side of the screen. The subjects are listed in alphabetical order. Click on the plus sign next to "Intellectual Property" to view all Hein's legal classic titles on intellectual property and copyright.

To search this collection, click on the Search tab below the HeinOnline logo. The search box will appear on the left side of the screen. This basic search will search all of the Legal Classics Library. To limit the search to just the intellectual property titles, click on "Advanced Search" or "Field Search" and then from the "Subject" field, select "Intellectual Property". The search can also be limited by title, author, and date.

For more search tips, including how to search phrases and use Boolean operators, see HeinOnline's Advanced Search Syntax Guidelines.

HeinOnline is a membership resource available to most Jenkins members.