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Attorney Fees, Salary Surveys, and Rankings

Law Firm Rankings

A variety of companies create law firm ranking lists by different criteria. The following are ranking lists available at Jenkins. Please note that each list uses a different methodology and it is important to evaluate the methodology when deciding if the ranking fits your needs.

Online Surveys & Rankings
Includes surveys, lists, and rankings from publications like The American Lawyer, Corporate Lawyer, and Law Technology News. Reports include The Am Law 100, Global 100, NLJ 350, and more. Subscription required for some reports.

U.S. News Best Law Firms
Searchable by law firm, location, and area of law. For more information on reports and rankings, see Methodology.


Book of Business Lists Philadelphia Business Journal
Library has 1985 - present. Ranks law firms by number of attorneys.

Pa Law: The State of the Profession ALM
Library has 1994-present. A supplement to the Legal Intelligencer. Includes "100 Largest Law Firms in Pennsylvania", "Largest PA Public Corporations", "County-by-County Statistics", and more.

Research Tip

The Legal Intelligencer occasionally publishes articles or special supplements that include surveys, rankings, and ratings. 


The AM Law 100 ALM
Library has 1988 - present (1988-1996 in Reference Annex, 1998-present bound in The American Lawyer in Periodicals). A supplement to The American Lawyer. Ranking charts include "Gross Revenue", "Revenue Per Lawyer", and "Profits Per Partner".

Jenkins' librarians have found The AM Law 100 in the following issues:

        • 2006-2016: see the May issues
        • 1999-2005: see the July issues
        • 1988-1998: see the July/August issues

Jenkins' librarians have found The AM Law 200 in the following issues:

        • 2006-2016: see the June issues
        • 1999-2005: see the August issues

The National Law Journal 250: Annual Survey of the Nation's Largest Firms ALM
Library has 1980 - present (select years available in Reference Annex, all others available on Micro). A supplement to The National Law Journal. The NLJ Annual Survey began in 1978. It started with 200 firms and expanded to 250 firms in 1983. In April 2012 the NLJ Annual Survey changed from 250 to 350. In June 2016 the NLJ Annual Survey changed from 350 to 500. Regional Reports may also be available.

Jenkins librarians have found the NLJ 250, NLJ 350, and NLJ 500 on the following dates:

        • 2015-2017: 6/8/2015, 6/27/2016, July 2017, July 2018
        • 2010-2014: 11/8/2010, 4/25/2011 (revised 2010 results), 3/26/2012, 4/16/2012, 6/10/2013, 6/16/2014
        • 2005-2009: 11/14/2005, 11/13/2006, 11/12/2007, 11/10/2008, 11/9/2009
        • 2000-2004: 12/4/2000, 11/19/2001, 11/18/2002, 11/24/2003, 11/15/2004
        • 1995-1999: 10/9/1995, 9/30/1996, 11/10/1997, 11/16/1998, 12/13/1999
        • 1990-1994: 9/24/1990, 9/30/1991, 9/28/1992, 9/27/1993, 10/3/1994
        • 1985-1989: 9/30/1985, 9/22/1986, 9/28/1987, 9/26/1988, 9/18/1989
        • 1980-1984: 10/6/1980, 9/27/1981, 9/20/1982, 9/19/1983, 9/24/1984

Of Counsel 700 Wolters Kluwer
Library has 1988 - present. Published annually in Of Counsel. Previously called Of Counsel 500 (1988-1993). Ranks law firms by size. Also available on LegalTrac, 2002 - present.

Jenkins' librarians have found Of Counsel 700 and Of Counsel 500 in the following issues:

        • 2005-2015: see the September issues
        • 2004: see the August issue
        • 2002: see the September issue
        • 2000: see the November issue
        • 1996-1999: see the June issue
        • 1990-1995: see the May issue
        • 1988-1989: see the April issue

Research Tip

Publications like The New Jersey Law JournalThe National Law Journal, and The American Lawyer occasionally publish articles or special supplements that include surveys, rankings, and ratings. Some special supplements found in The New Jersey Law Journal that include law firm rankings are "Corporate Counsel Legal Departments of the Year", "Litigation Departments of the Year", and "The New Jersey Top 20". Some special sections found in The American Lawyer that include law firm rankings are "The Global 100", "Top Firms in Pro Bono", and "Women in the Law".