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A hearing is a meeting of the House, Senate, or a committee to discuss proposed legislation, research, data, investigations, or government activities. Hearings are generally open to the public, and transcripts may be published two months to two years after the meeting. Congressional hearing documents may record testimony from members of Congress, the Executive branch, experts, interest groups, and the general public. Speakers may discuss a wide variety of topics, but not all proposed legislation is discussed in hearings.

Hearings may be organized by committee, title, or number depending on the resource or type of hearing.

Free Online Resources

Congressional Hearings govinfo (GPO)
Select hearings from 99th Congress-present (1985-present). Can Browse by Congressional Session and Committee. To search Congressional Hearings, click the orange "Search" button, select "Advanced", then under "Refine by Collection" select "Congressional Hearings". Search results can be further refined by using the side panel on the search results screen. For additional information and tips, see the About Congressional Hearings page.

Congressional Hearings Law Library of Congress
In partnership with Google, the Law Library of Congress digitized select hearings in four collections: U.S. Census, Floods, Freedom of Information / Privacy, and Immigration. This project is ongoing. Coverage may vary.

House Committee Hearings and Meetings Video Library of Congress -
Watch recordings and live streams of House committee hearings and meetings. Select coverage 2008 - present.

Search Committee Hearings - U.S. House of Representatives Office of the Clerk
Select hearings 110th Congress - 112th Congress (Jan. 2007 - Jan. 2013).

Member Databases

Congressional Hearings
Available on HeinOnline. Select hearings from the 50th Congress (1887-1889) - present. Material added regularly. Check for updates. Once in HeinOnline, select U.S. Congressional Documents > Congressional Hearings.

Congressional Publications - Hearings
Available on ProQuest Congressional. Index coverage from 1824-present, selective before 1970. Full-text coverage (HTML) available for select transcripts 1988-present. The text of HTML may not be complete. Full-text (PDF) from 2004-present.

        • To search by Sudoc or Accession Number (Hearing Id number or CIS number), select Search By Number then click the tab for "Bibliographic Citations." Enter the number and click Search.
        • To search by Senate Hearing number, select Search By Number, then click the tab for "Bibliographic Citations." Under "Publication Number," select the Type and Congress, then enter the number and click Search.
        • To search by title, select Advanced Search, then limit to only "Hearings" using the check boxes on the left side. Select either "All fields except full-text" or "All fields including full-text" from the drop-down menu above the search box, enter your search terms, and conduct a search for the title.
        • See the Using ProQuest Congressional page of this guide for more information.

Research Tip

HeinOnline's U.S. Federal History Library may include links to Congressional Hearings in its compiled legislative histories. See the Federal Legislative History guide for more information.

Onsite Lexis & Bloomberg Law

Congressional Hearings (1824 - Current)
Available on the library's Lexis computers. From the Content Type tab, select Statutes and Legislation > Federal > Congressional Hearings (1824 - Current) [located in the Legislative Histories section]

House Committee Transcripts
Available on the library's Bloomberg Law computers. From All Legal Content, select U.S. Legislative > U.S. Congress > U.S. House of Representatives > House Committee Transcripts. 104th Congress (1995) to current. Transcripts of select hearings before committees of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Senate Committee Transcripts
Available on the library's Bloomberg Law computers. From All Legal Content, select U.S. Legislative > U.S. Congress > U.S. Senate > Senate Committee Transcripts. 104th Congress (1995) to current. Transcripts of select hearings before committees of the U.S. Senate.


Jenkins has access to select Congressional Committee hearings on microfiche and in print. The hearings on microfiche are part of our CIS collection, which covers the years 1970-2010. Contact Research Services at 215.574.1505 or for more information.