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A deposition is both "[a] witness's out-of-court testimony that is reduced to writing (usu. by a court reporter) for later use in court or for discovery purposes" and "[t]he session at which such testimony is recorded." Deposition, Black's Law Dictionary (11th ed. 2019).

This guide includes a sampling of the materials Jenkins has on depositions. If practicing in a particular jurisdiction, it may be helpful to look at resources specific to that jurisdiction. For depositions in Pennsylvania courts, see the Pennsylvania page of this guide. For depositions in federal courts, see the Federal page of this guide.

It can also be useful to look at resources that offer a broader, non-jurisdictional, focus. For those resources, see the General page of this guide.

Some subject specific discovery resources include chapters on depositions. For resources on construction litigation, employment discrimination, motor vehicles, premises liability, products liability, and tort actions, see the Subject Specific page of this guide.

For additional resources, try searching the Jenkins' catalog for deposition*. The search results can be limited by adding additional terms to the search or by modifying the search to a specific library location, i.e. General Collection or Pennsylvania Collection.

Court Rules

Court rules often outline the procedures surrounding depositions. See the Pennsylvania Court Rules - State, Pennsylvania Court Rules - County, and the Federal Court Rules guides for how to access Pennsylvania and Federal court rules. Jenkins has court rules for all 50 states and the District of Columbia in print. A search of the Jenkins' catalog for court rules and the jurisdiction should find the relevant materials. Access is also available on the library's Lexis, Westlaw, and Bloomberg Law computers.

Discovery & Interrogatories

Materials focused on discovery and interrogatories may also cover depositions. See the Discovery and Interrogatories guides for additional resources.