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Expert witnesses can be found in directories, both print and electronic, or through referral services. Oftentimes the expert pays to be included in the directory or referral service.

Some cases also list the expert witness by name. Try searching sources such as caselaw, jury verdicts, or newspapers to find expert witnesses who have testified on a particular topic. Additional sources can be found in the Research a Specific Witness page of this guide.

Online Resources ALM
ALMExperts© expert witness directory includes over 15,000 listings of expert witnesses, investigators, process servers, court reporters, consultants and litigation support professionals from every region of the United States. Listings are divided into 3300 areas of expertise. Experts pay to be included in the directory.

JurisPro Expert Witness Directory
Free national directory of expert witnesses in a variety areas of expertise. Browse by a detailed list of categories or search by name or field of expertise. The experts have paid to list on the site.

NASJVP Expert Witness Directory National Association of State Jury Verdict Publishers
Alphabetical listing of nearly 40,000 experts who have testified in civil jury trials across the United States. Compiled by the National Association of State Jury Verdict Publishers. To locate an expert, simply browse the directory, then click on that expert's name, which will refer you to the NASJVP Member that has detailed "cases testified" information on that expert.

SEAK, Inc. Expert Witness Directory
The SEAK Expert Witness Directory contains detailed listing information for medical, technical and scientific expert witnesses and consultants nationwide. Experts pay to be included in the directory.

Research Tip

Some other online expert witness directories include,,, and Online Directory of Expert Witnesses.


Referral Companies

The following companies offer expert witness referrals for a fee.

American Medical Forensic Specialists
AMFS provides attorneys, insurance professionals and other clients access to a network of medical experts and professionals including physicians in over 200 medical and health care specialties nationwide.

The Expert Institute
The Expert Institute works to match their client's individual requirements to relevant experts. Their network includes executives, senior managers, operational and product experts, scientists, doctors, lawyers, and professionals across all industries.

Forensis Group
Forensis Group offers thousands of consultants, experts, expert witnesses, forensic experts, and investigators in construction, business, engineering, medicine, science, and other technical disciplines, throughout the United States.

IMS ExpertServices
IMS ExpertServices is an expert witness search firm that specializes in connecting experts and consultants with the attorneys who need them.

Since 1983, medQuest, Ltd has provided the legal profession with physicians and other health-care experts.

Round Table Group
Includes a wide variety of experts spanning thousands of areas of expertise. Formerly Thomson Reuters Expert Witness Services.

The TASA Group Technical Advisory Service for Attorneys
TASA delivers referrals to testifying and consulting experts in all fields and all locations, for plaintiff or defense.