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Federal Legislative History

Using Government Websites and govinfo are two government websites that provide access to a lot of government materials. For coverage information and search tips about specific types of materials available on these websites, including Committee Hearings, Committee Reports, Committee Prints, House and Senate Documents, CRS Reports, and the Congressional Record, see the Congressional Documents guide. is the official website for U.S. federal legislative information.

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Please see About and Coverage Dates for Legislative Information for current coverage and more details.


govinfo is the website for the U.S. Government Publishing Office. It provides free access to many documents from the Federal Government. You can conduct a Search or Browse the collection. Many documents are available in PDF format. Although this is a repository and management system for federal government documents, coverage may be selective or incomplete. Jenkins may have access to a wider selection in print or through our Member Databases.

If you are not sure where something is located, browse by A to Z or by Category. The Help page provides information on Finding Information, What's Available, Tutorials and Handouts, and more.