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Federal Legislative History

Using HeinOnline

HeinOnline contains a large collection of libraries consisting of primary and secondary legal documents. Most can be accessed as PDF copies of the original text. To find a resource, first select a subscribed library. Depending on the library, you may have options to conduct a search, enter information into the Citation Navigator, narrow the results by choosing a "Browse by" selection, or click on the (+) icons to expand a selection.

When you have found your desired document, click the hyperlink to view. Turn to different pages using the arrow icons at the top of the screen, select a page number from the scroll-down menu, or choose a chapter or article from the left navigation pane when available.


When viewing documents online, HeinOnline displays the scanned image of each page. Users can view one page at a time on this database, and can navigate to different pages by using the arrow keys or drop-down page menu.

If you would like to download or print a full document for easier reading, look for a down arrow icon near the navigation buttons at the top of the page. Click the icon, then choose either "Print Current Section" or "Print Custom Page Range." There is a 200 page limit per document. When you have made a selection, click the "Print/Download" button. It will automatically download as a PDF document, which you may print or save.

US Federal Legislative History Library

HeinOnline's U.S. Federal Legislative History Library includes options to search or browse the U.S. Federal History Title Collection and Sources of Compiled Legislative History Database. For information about these resources, please see the Already Compiled Histories page of this guide or watch the Jenkins Law Library Video Tip: HeinOnline's Federal Legislative History Library for a more detailed tutorial on YouTube.

Help & Support

HeinOnline Knowledge Base

Help & Support is available to any Internet user, but the HeinOnline database is available to most Jenkins' members. The HeinOnline Knowledge Base includes links to U.S. Congressional Documents and U.S. Federal Legislative History Library guides, videos, and frequently asked questions.