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Guardianship in Pennsylvania

Member Databases

The following member databases include sample forms and information for guardianship in Pennsylvania. Members must be logged in to to access these databases. These databases are also available in the library.

LexisNexis Digital Library

Pennsylvania Law Encyclopedia
Available on the LexisNexis Digital Library. See "Guardian and Ward" (vol. 26).
Also on the library's Lexis computers and in print.

PA Legal Forms

PA Legal Forms
Includes a variety of forms on guardianship, including "Petition for Appointment of Conservator or Legal Guardian of Person and Estate of Adult who Physical or Mental Infirmity or Age, is Unable to Handle Affairs", "Petition for Notice to Minor to Nominate or Select Guardian", and "Temporary Guardianship Agreement". To find relevant forms, conduct a search for guardianship. Forms can also be found in the Family Law category.