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Spinelli's Law Library Reference Shelf: Dictionaries
Available on HeinOnline. Can browse by title, author, date, and subject.  Includes American, English, and foreign language dictionaries. Earliest dictionaries date back to the 1500s.


Ballentine's Law Dictionary, with Pronunciations Lawyers Co-operative Pub. Co.

Black's Law Dictionary West/Thomson Reuters

Bouvier Law Dictionary Publisher varies

The Collegiate Law Dictionary The American Law Book Company

        • Library has print access to 1925 printing.

The Cyclopedic Dictionary of Law Printer varies

A Dictionary of American and English Law Frederick D. Linn & Co.
Also referred to as Rapalje and Lawrence's Law Dictionary.

A Dictionary of Law T.H. Flood and Company
Also referred to as Anderson's Dictionary of Law.

Dictionary of Terms and Phrases Used in American or English Jurisprudence Little, Brown, and Company
Also referred to as Abbott's Law Dictionary.

Glossary of Technical Terms, Phrases, and Maxims of the Common Law Little, Brown and Company

The Law-Dictionary Publisher varies
Also referred to as Jacob's Law Dictionary.

Law Lexicon, or Dictionary of Jurisprudence Printer varies

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Additional historic legal dictionaries are available to most Jenkins members on HeinOnline in Spinelli's Law Library Reference Shelf.