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Legal Ethics & Professional Conduct

Additional Resources

Legal ethics are not limited to professional rules of conduct, formal and informal opinions, or treatise coverage. Listed below are some additional sources and searching tools related to legal ethics and professional responsibility.

Attorney Status Search

Find an Attorney Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court
Search for licensed Pennsylvania attorneys and gain information about an attorney such as an attorney's status or whether an attorney has been subjected to public discipline and/or disability.

Directory of Lawyer Disciplinary Agencies ABA
A PDF document listing the disciplinary boards for the individual states, federal courts, other U.S. entities, and select foreign countries. Last updated July 2015.

National Lawyer Regulatory Data Bank ABA
National repository of information concerning public regulatory actions relating to lawyers throughout the United States. All states and the District of Columbia, as well as many federal courts and some agencies, provide regulatory information to the Data Bank. The Data Bank conducts name searches on request for the public.

Jenkins' Catalog

Search Jenkins' catalog by doing a keyword search for professional conduct OR professional responsibility OR ethic* opinion* to find subject-specific materials with chapters or sections on ethics and professional conduct. The search results can be limited by adding additional terms to the search or by modifying the search to a specific library location, i.e. the General Collection, Pennsylvania Collection, or State Collection.

Miscellaneous Resources

Legal Ethics Discussion List Washburn University School of Law Library, Topeka KS
Restricted to lawyers, law professors, and law students only.

National Organization of Bar Counsel
Nonprofit organization whose members enforce ethical rules.