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Pennsylvania Cases - Appellate Level

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Digests are a compilation of caselaw summaries organized by topic. Because digests are compiled by legal editors, researchers can sometimes find cases under a specific digest topic that a database search may have missed. For more information about digests, see Kent C. Olson, Principles of Legal Research § 8.2 West Key-Number Digests (2nd ed. 2015).

Jenkins continues to receive updates to West's Pennsylvania Digest 2d, which includes state and federal cases decided since 1938. To find cases from before 1938, use Vale Pennsylvania Digest.

PA Digests

Pennsylvania Digest 2d West
Covers state and federal cases decided since 1938.

Vale Pennsylvania Digest West
Library has vol. 1 - vol. 46. Use to locate cases by topic from 1682-1937 (some topics may include cases decided after 1937).