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Colonial Documents
Available via the Pennsylvania Legislative Reference Bureau, Statutes at Large, Volume 1, Appendixes.

        • Charter of the Province of Pennsylvania - 1682
        • The Duke of York's Deed for Pennsylvania - 1682
        • Laws Agreed Upon in England - 1682
        • Frame of Government - 1682
        • Frame of Government - 1683
        • Frame of Government - 1696
        • Frame of Government - 1701

Member Databases

Acts of the General Assembly of the Pennsylvania Colony (1700-1787)
Available on HeinOnline. From the Session Laws Library, select Pennsylvania.


An Historical Review of the Constitution and Government of Pennsylvania, from its Origin Richard Jackson
Also available in Rare Book.
Sometimes attributed to Benjamin Franklin. Part of the "Research Library of Colonial Americana" series.

The Proceedings Relative to Calling the Conventions on 1776 and 1790: the Minutes of the Convention Printed by John S. Wiestling
Also available on Micro.
See Part I. Includes:

        1. The charter to William Penn.
        2. The proprietary frames of government of 1682, 1688 and 1696.
        3. The laws agreed upon in England in 1682.
        4. The charter of privileges or frame of 1701.

The Statutes at Large of Pennsylvania in the Time of William Penn
See the "Part II Texts of the First Laws of Pennsylvania 1680-1699".

Unity from Diversity: Extracts from Selected Pennsylvania Colonial Documents, 1681 to 1780, in Commemoration of the Tercentenary of the Commonwealth Compiled and Edited by Louis M. Waddell