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Pennsylvania Constitution

To Find PA Constitution

The Pennsylvania Constitution is located in a multitude of places.

The current version of the Pennsylvania Constitution is available for free online from the Pennsylvania General Assembly and Duquesne University School of Law. It is also available on the Lexis, Westlaw, and Bloomberg Law computers in the library, as well as in print in the Pennsylvania statutes.

The best way to find the text of the constitution for a specific year is to look in the Pennsylvania statutes (available in print, Lexis, and Westlaw) or the Pennsylvania Manual for that year. See below for more information on finding historical versions of the constitution.

Free Online Resources

The following websites provide free online access to the Pennsylvania Constitution.

Pennsylvania Constitution - Current Duquesne University School of Law
Also includes 1968, 1874, 1838, 1790,and 1776 versions.

The Constitution of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania General Assembly
See also Pennsylvania Constitution for additional information and explanation.

Pennsylvania Department of General Services
See the Pennsylvania Manual. Current version only. 

Onsite Lexis, Westlaw, Bloomberg Law

The Pennsylvania Constitution is included on the library's Lexis, Westlaw, and Bloomberg Law computers. Older versions of the constitution may also be available on these databases.

Pennsylvania Constitution
Available on the library's Lexis computers.
Found with the Pennsylvania Statutes & Legislation. Historical constitutions back to 1991 also available.

Pennsylvania Constitution
Available on the library's Bloomberg Law computers.
From Browse All Content, select Laws & Regulations > State Laws & Regulations > Pennsylvania > Pennsylvania Constitution.

Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Available on the library's Westlaw computers.
Found with the Pennsylvania Statutes & Court Rules. Historical constitutions back to 1988 also available.


Jenkins' print and micro collection includes many sources that include the Pennsylvania Constitution. See below for more details.

Constitution, 1984 Edition, with 1985 Cumulative Supplement
From the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, 1984 edition.

Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, 1972

Constitution of the State as Amended by Majority Vote in 1965, 1966 and 1967
Senate Bulletin from Office of Mark Gruell, Jr., Secretary.

Constitution of Pennsylvania, 1957-1958 (Pa-23 - Microforms)
Includes an analytical index. From the Pennsylvania Manual, 1957-1958.

Constitution of Pennsylvania, Analytically Indexed and with Index of Prohibited Legislation, 1912 Legislative Reference Bureau

Constitutions of Pennsylvania; Constitution of the United States Legislative Reference Bureau
Includes the text of and index to the 1968, 1874, 1838, 1790, and 1776 Pennsylvania Constitutions.
Also available on Micro. Library also has 1964 and 1930 editions.

Pennsylvania Manual Pennsylvania Department of General Services
Library has 1891 - present. Not published every year. Current Manual also available online from the Department of General Services.
Previous titles include Smull's Legislative Handbook and Pennsylvania State Manual.

Research Tip

The Constitution is also available in the Pennsylvania Statutes in print as well as on Lexis and Westlaw. For how to access the Pennsylvania statutes see the Pennsylvania Statutes guide. Historical statutes may also be available through these resources.