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Pennsylvania Constitution

Secondary Materials

Secondary materials give an overview of the law in a particular area and often provide tips and guide you to additional resources. The secondary materials available to Jenkins' members regarding the Pennsylvania Constitution and Pennsylvania Constitutional Law are listed below. For a more general list of Pennsylvania secondary materials, please see the Pennsylvania Secondary Materials guide.


Constitutional Law Conclave Pennsylvania Bar Institute
Library has annual volumes from 1997-present.
Select years contain both federal and state constitutional law discussion while other years contain only federal constitutional law discussion.

The Pennsylvania Constitution: A Treatise on Rights and Liberties Bisel
Edited by Ken Gormley and Joy G. McNally.
Library also has the first edition (edited by Ken Gormley, Jeffrey Bauman, Joel Fishman, and Leslie Kozler): see all.

The Pennsylvania Constitution of 1776: A Study in Revolutionary Democracy University of Pennsylvania Press
By J. Paul Selsam.

Pennsylvania Constitutional Development University of Pittsburgh Press
By Rosalind L. Branning.

Pennsylvania Constitutional Law Murrelle Print. Co.
By Robert E. Woodside. Also available on Micro.

Should Pennsylvania Have a Constitutional Convention? Pennsylvania Bar Institute

Whose Constitution is It Anyway? Pennsylvania Bar Institute

Law Reviews & Law Journals

Law reviews and law journals "often offer more intense and focused treatment of specific issues than treatises, and they cover new developments more quickly. Their exensive footnotes can lead to a wealth of primary sources and other research tools." Kent C. Olson, Principles of Legal Research § 11.1, at 357 (2009). Jenkins members have access to legal periodicals via HeinOnline, LegalTrac, and Westlaw. See below for more details.

HeinOnline - Law Journal Library
The Advanced Search feature allows searches to be limited by either subject or title.
To focus on Pennsylvania, try limiting the search to law reviews and journals from Pennsylvania Universities, like Drexel University, Pennsylvania State University, Temple University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Pittsburgh, and Villanova University.


Law Reviews & Journals on Westlaw
Available on the library's Westlaw computers.
Coverage varies by journals. See the scope notes for the individual journals for coverage information.