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Pennsylvania Criminal Law



The Pennsylvania Statutes focused on criminal law are generally situated in select titles:

Additional laws related to crime and criminal procedure may be included in other areas of the Pennsylvania Statutes. Use the index volumes or conduct a search to find relevant statutes.

For how to access the Pennsylvania statutes, including for free online, in print, on the library's Lexis, Westlaw, and Bloomberg Law computers, and on member databases like Fastcase, see the Pennsylvania Statutes guide. Historical statutes are also available through select resources.

Statute Compilations

Some treatises reprint selections of statute sections and offer commentary and case analysis. A selection of these treatises is listed below.

Pennsylvania Crimes Code Annotated Lawyers Cooperative Publishing
Includes the text and commentary of Title 18: "Crimes and Offenses".

Pennsylvania Crimes Code & Criminal Law : Law & Commentary Bisel
Includes the text and commentary of Title 18: "Crimes and Offenses".
Library also has previous editions: see all.

West's Pennsylvania Criminal Justice West/Thomson Reuters
A compilation of statutes relating to Pennsylvania criminal and motor vehicle law. Includes the text of the statutes only, no annotations.
Includes the text of Title 18: "Crimes and Offenses"; statute sections from a wide variety of titles including Title 3: Agriculture, Title 23: Domestic Relations, Title 35: Health and Safety, Title 47: Liquor, and Title 73: Trade and Commerce; and the Pennsylvania Rules of Criminal Procedure, Rules of Juvenile Court Procedure, and Rules of Evidence.