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Pennsylvania Juvenile Delinquency

Records Expungement

Pennsylvania has developed a process for expunging juvenile records. See below for more information.

Statutes & Court Rules

Those interested in juvenile records expungement may want to look at the following:

Free Online Forms

Philadelphia Courts - Family Division, Juvenile Court
Includes Juvenile Expungement Petition. See Forms > Expungement.

Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania - Juvenile Delinquency Forms
Includes forms for expungement.


Five County Juvenile Court Practice Pennsylvania Bar Institute
See Chapter 1, Part III: Philadelphia County Juvenile Delinquency Records - Handbook and Expungement Guide.
Also includes sample expungement petitions for Bucks and Montgomery counties.

Pennsylvania Juvenile Delinquency & Dependency Law Bisel
See § 5.2.15 Expungement of Record.

PBI Publications

Current Issues for Child Advocates
See Chapter 3 Section 2: Expungement of Juvenile Records.
Includes forms. Library has annual volumes: 1998-present.