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Restatement of Judgments


"A valid judgment always affects the legal relations of persons. Judgments may, however, affect the relations of persons in different ways. In considering the effects of judgments it is important to distinguish three kinds of judgments: (1) personal judgments; (2) judgments in rem; (3) judgments quasi in rem." Introductory Note to Restatement of the Law of Judgments at 5 (Am. Law Inst. 1942).

Jenkins has access to the Restatement of the Law of Judgments in print, on the library's Westlaw computers, and on the member database HeinOnline. Use this guide to find out more about this Restatement and how to access it.

Series Information

The second series of Judgments was published in 1982. Select case citation sources to the second series of Judgments may include case citations to the first series of the Restatement of Judgments.

The first series of Judgments was published in 1942. Select case citation sources may include case citations with the second series of Judgments.

See the Annotations page of this guide for more information about finding case citations.

Research Tip

For more information about the different Restatement series, see the About the Restatements page of this guide.

Superseded Status

For information on superseded status, see the publication page at or contact the American Law Institute.

Parallel Tables

To help researchers navigate between the different Restatement series, ALI includes "parallel tables", found before the index of most Restatement subjects. These tables show corresponding section numbers between two series of Restatements. Some parallel tables may connect section numbers of the final Restatement with one or more earlier drafts. When using these parallel tables to find where an older series (or draft) section is located in a newer series, be sure to check all volumes of the current series - the parallel tables only point to the sections found in that particular volume.

Parallel Tables found in the back of volume 2 of Restatement (Second) Judgments show corresponding Restatement (Second) Judgments, Restatement of Judgments (1942), and Restatement (Second) Judgments Tentative Drafts 1-7 section numbers.

Parallel Tables found in the back of Restatement of Judgments (1942) show corresponding Restatement of Judgments (1942), Tentative Drafts 1-2, and Proposed Final Draft section numbers.