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Restatement of Unfair Competition

Member Databases

The member database HeinOnline includes access to the Restatements. Many drafts may also be available on HeinOnline. Members must be logged in to to access this database. HeinOnline is also available in the library. See below for more information.


Restatement, Third, Unfair Competition

        • Available on HeinOnline. Coverage begins with 1987.
        • Official Text Direct Access: Unfair Competition.
        • Once in HeinOnline, select American Law Institute Library > Restatements & Principles of the Law > Unfair Competition > Restatement, Third, Unfair Competition
        • Preliminary, Council, and Tentative Drafts are also available. The most recent case citations are also available. For more information about case citations, see the Annotations page of this guide.

Research Tip

For more HeinOnline Restatement access directions and search tips, see the ALI on HeinOnline page of this guide.