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Self-Help Research - Statutes, Court Rules, and More

Doing Legal Research

Legal research can be very difficult, even for someone who knows the law. The links in this guide will help you find primary legal sources, like statutes (laws), court rules, administrative regulations, and caselaw.

Because we are not lawyers, we cannot give you answers to your legal questions. In fact, we will tell you that you should consult an attorney if you have a legal problem.

About Jenkins Law Library

Jenkins Law Library is open to the public for a fee of $5 per day. You may conduct your own legal research in our collection. Computers with the legal databases Lexis, Westlaw, and Bloomberg Law may be used for 1 hour per day. Internet and word processing computers are available for extended use. A reference librarian is always available to assist with the collection and computers, but cannot advise you on legal matters.

Librarians and staff at Jenkins Law Library are not able to give legal advice, select or fill out forms, write briefs or memorandum, or conduct any research for you. The information found in this guide is not a substitute for professional legal advice. Jenkins Law Library assumes no responsibility and accepts no liability for actions taken by users of this research guide or the links provided therein.

Finding Forms and Other Resources

Our Self-Help guide offers a selection of links on a variety of subjects, including custody & support, divorce, ejectment, elder law, landlord tenant, and memorandum of law (writing a brief). Jenkins also has a variety of print and electronic resources available in the library.

Our Research Guides offer guidance on where you can start your legal research at Jenkins for a selection of topics. If you decide to visit the library, our librarians can guide you to further sources that may help with your research.