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No-Fault: Self-Help Divorce Manual

Self-Help Divorce Manual Women's Law Project

This manual is only a guide. It is not to be used as a substitute for legal advice. It is not designed for people with complicated divorce issues. This manual was last updated in December 2016.

Before you begin, please read the important information in Part 1 of the Divorce Manual to make sure that you can file "no fault". Includes instructions and sample forms for Mutual Consent Divorces and Two-Year Separation Divorces.

"Fault" Divorce & Additional Resources

For more complicated divorce matters, including obtaining a divorce on "fault" grounds, you should consult an attorney to determine which forms and procedures will apply to your specific situation. If you wish to conduct your own research at Jenkins, please check our catalog or ask a librarian where to find materials on your particular topic.

The Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania has a Representing Yourself - Divorce Proceedings page with select forms and links to county court websites. Most of the forms provided therein relate to no-fault divorces.

The Pennsylvania Bar Association publishes a basic FAQ pamphlet on Divorce and Separation.

The Philadelphia County Domestic Relations Practice manual includes a chapter on Divorce Practice, which can serve as a starting point for obtaining a divorce on "fault" grounds in Philadelphia.

For the text of the Pennsylvania Divorce Code, see Title 23, Part IV of the Pennsylvania Statutes. These statutes are available through the Unofficial Purdon's Pennsylvania Statutes, which you can also find annotated in print at Jenkins or though other sources as noted in our Pennsylvania Statutes guide.