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In a negligence action, personal injury is "any harm caused to a person, such as a broken bone, a cut, or a bruise" as well as "bodily injury". In a workers' compensation case, personal injury is "any harm (including a worsened preexisting condition) that arises in the scope of employment." Injury, Personal Injury, Black's Law Dictionary (10th ed. 2014).

Jenkins has a few titles that are specific to personal injury verdicts and settlements and they are listed below. However, personal injury verdicts and settlement reports can also be found in the state and federal specific resources listed in this guide.

Member Databases

What's It Worth?
Available on the LexisNexis Digital Library, 2014 - present.
Also available in print.

Print Resources

Personal Injury Valuation Handbook Thomson Reuters
Includes "Case Evaluation Manual".

Personal Injury Verdict Reviews Publisher varies
Includes annual index. Library has vol. 2 (1994) - present.

Personal Injury Verdict Reviews Jury Verdict Research
Library has vol. 1 (1983) - vol. 38 (1992). Continues Verdict Reports (library has vol. 16 (1979) - vol. 20 (1983)).

Verdicts, Settlements & Tactics: A Personal Injury Litigation Reporter Publisher varies
Includes annual index. Library has vol. 8, no. 9 (Sept. 1988) - present.

What's It Worth? LexisNexis
Also on the LexisNexis Digital Library.
Library has 1985-2008, 2010 - present.