Tip of the Week (Episode 201230): Legislative History for the Philadelphia Code

Jenkins Tip of the Week (Episode 201230): The video explores the steps you need to take to review the comments, discussion and legislative processes behind amendments to the Philadelphia Code and Charter.

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Looking for legislative history material for an older act in Pennsylvania? As described in our Pennsylvania Legislative History Research Guide , a good starting point includes the House and Senate Journals . These may contain speeches or debate from the House or Senate Floor relevant to your bill...
The Philadelphia Code represents the official codification of City Ordinances. The First Edition , mandated in 1951 by the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter, became effective February 29, 1956. The current edition is the Eleventh Edition, the print version of which is current through March 4, 2016...
Legislative history material may be useful in interpreting federal laws. Check out our new guide for tips before you begin.