Jenkins On Your Desktop: International Newspapers on NewsBank

NewsBank has a collection of newspapers from around the world. Its UK and Ireland collection includes the Daily Star (7/31/2005-current), The Guardian (1/1/1998-current), The Herald [Scotland] (1/1/1998-current), and The Observer (1/1/1998-current). Its Asia collection includes the Bangkok Post (10/16/2012-current), China Daily (12/20/2001-current), the Indian Express (4/23/2009-current), The Japan Times (1/1/1999-current), and St. Petersburg Times (9/8/2000-current). NewsBank also has newspapers from Africa, Australia, and Central and South America.

To access NewsBank's international sources, use your last name and member number to log into Jenkins' website. From the Member Center, select NewsBank. Once in NewsBank, select World from the Search Shortcuts in the middle of the screen.

This brings you to a map of the world. To search all international newspapers, magazines, blogs, journals, and other materials available on NewsBank, enter your search terms in the search box on the top of the screen. To limit the search to a particular region, or even a particular country, click on the desired world region and then continue clicking in the subsequent maps until you reach your desired country.

For example, if you would like to search all newspapers from the UK and Ireland, first click on the "Europe" portion of the map. This will bring you to a map of European countries. To limit to just the British and Irish title, click the "Select Multiple Countries" link, check the boxes next to England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, UK Sources, and Wales, then click "Include".

To see the full list of titles being searched, select Publication from the left side menu. To browse articles from a specific source and date, click on the title you would like to browse then enter the desired date (mm-dd-yyyy).

To search a specific source, click on the desired title. Multiple sources can be searched at once by using the "Select Multiple Publications" option. Enter your search terms in the search box on the top of the screen.

NewsBank has multiple search fields, including All Text, Lead/First Paragraph, Headline, Author/Byline, and Date. NewsBank also recognizes Boolean and Proximity operators. Boolean operators AND, OR, and NOT and Proximity operators ADJ[x] and NEAR[x] must be in all caps. For more search tips, including how to use wildcards, see NewsBank's Searching Help Page.

For additional training and hands-on experience using NewsBank, register for the Jenkins Law Library: On Your Desktop CLE class. The class also covers other membership databases like HeinOnline and ProQuest Congressional.

NewsBank is a membership resource available to all Jenkins members.

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