Jenkins On Your Desktop: Ebooks on LexisNexis Digital Library

Jenkins members now have remote access to a wide selection of full-text ebooks through LexisNexis Digital Library, brought to you by LexisNexis and OverDrive. Jenkins subscribes to over 250 titles, which represents over 2,400 volumes of Matthew Bender treatises, forms, federal and state law, and more. Some of these titles include: Corbin on Contracts, Bender’s Forms of Discovery, the New Jersey Transaction Guide, the Pennsylvania Law Encyclopedia, and Weinstein’s Federal Evidence

After logging in to our website with your last name and member number, you will be directed to the “Member Center” where you should click the blue “Access” button next to LexisNexis Digital Library. Search or browse to find a particular title and volume number. Hover over the book cover and see an option to “Borrow” if the volume is available, or “Place a Hold” if the volume has already been borrowed by another patron. 

Members may borrow up to 5 volumes at a time. The loan period is 7 days, with an option for an additional 7-day renewal if the volume has not been put on hold. Only one copy of each volume is available for loan. Index volumes have an unlimited amount of copies so many users can borrow them at the same time. See complete list of titles here

All ebooks are listed as individual volumes. To see a list of all volumes in a series, first search or browse to find just one volume in that series. Hover over the book cover and click the “More” icon, or click the title under the book cover, to view the full record for that volume. From this page, click the Series title (displayed toward the upper right side of the book cover). You will then see a list of all volumes in that series, with the option to Borrow or Place a Hold on individual volumes.

Our how-to videos are a great way to learn more about using LexisNexis Digital Library through Jenkins. Using LexisNexis Digital Library, Part 1: Managing Your Bookshelf covers the basics of finding and checking out volumes using your account. Using LexisNexis Digital Library, Part 2: Reading and Annotating offers tips on highlighting, bookmarking, and writing notes as you research. Using LexisNexis Digital Library, Part 3: Downloading provides instructions for offline reading in your browser. 

The best way to read these ebooks is in your browser -- no downloads, software, or apps required! OverDrive also supports many of the popular devices; however, not all of these devices will be available for all volumes. Learn more about downloading ebooks to your e-reader device by reading the articles in OverDrive’s get help with ebooks from your library page.

Digital titles are automatically returned to the library at the end of their lending periods, so you never have to worry about late fees. If you'd like to return a title early to make space in your library account, you can do so. If you borrowed the book by selecting Read (in your browser), you will need to go back to your Bookshelf in LexisNexis Digital Library and select the “Return Title” button. If you Downloaded the volume, the “Return Title” button disappears from your Bookshelf. You will need to go back to the software or app to return the item. Read more about how to return titles before the end of your lending period.

Stay tuned for more options, including ways to access LexisNexis Digital Library ebooks through the OverDrive app and Jenkins’ catalog. If you have any questions, call the research department at 215.574.1505, email us at, or chat with us.

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