Environmental Law

As we celebrate Arbor Day on April 29, don't forget that if you need help with an environmental law issue, there are resources available to you at Jenkins! Environmental Law in a Nutshell and Environmental Law offer good starting points for research in this area. Want to delve a little deeper? Select titles from the Environmental Law Series, such as Law of Toxic Torts: Litigation/Defense/Insurance by Michael Dore, or Global Climate Change and U.S. Law, put out by the ABA, are also available in our print collection.

Don't forget sources on your desktop, like Law Journal Press Online Books* which has a practice area for Environmental. Titles here include Environmental Enforcement: Civil and Criminal and Green Buildings: Law, Contract and Regulation.

For help in finding these, or any other resources, contact us at 215.574.1505, or chat with us.

*Available to law firms with less than 50 attorneys.

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