Searching Delaware County's Public Access System

Searching Delaware County’s Public Access System (PAS) is, relatively speaking in the world of online searching, straightforward and simple.

To search civil dockets you simply need to agree to the terms of use and put your search terms in the search box. Once you get your results list, you can choose the case you’re interested in and look at the docket sheet. Delco has even made recent scans of the pleadings available in PDF format for download at no charge, although coverage for this feature may depend on date. PAS also provides an external link to the Pennsylvania Unified Judicial District’s docketing system if you need to search criminal dockets.

Other searchable areas of Delco’s PAS include Information Relating to Documents Recorded with the Delaware County Recorder of Deeds Office, Text Only Access to Real Estate and Tax Records. Also included is Information Relating to Delaware County Real Estate Parcel Records, including Tax Records, and Homestead Status.

If you have any general questions, please call the research department at 215.574.1505, email or chat with us

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