The Pennsylvania Constitution turns 240!

September 28 marks the 240th anniversary of the original Pennsylvania Constitution.

According to the Pennsylvania Manual, in June of 1776, extralegal committees fed up with the Provincial Assembly that ruled Pennsylvania at that time called a state convention to be held on July 15, 1776. Benjamin Franklin was unanimously chosen as President of the Convention. The Convention lasted a little over 2 months and the first Constitution of Pennsylvania was agreed to and signed by the members of the convention on September 28, 1776.

Since 1776, the Pennsylvania Constitution has undergone five versions, seven constitutional conventions, and numerous amendments. Many of the materials related to these conventions, including proceedings and minutes, are available online from the Duquesne University School of Law PA Constitution site. Jenkins has additional materials for some of the Pennsylvania Constitutional Conventions available in print and on micro in the library. For a full listing of these materials, see our Pennsylvania Constitution research guide. This and all our guides are available on our website.

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