Unboxing and Test-Driving the LegalBoard

This week we received a LegalBoard, the "keyboard designed by lawyers for lawyers," which makes it easy to add or change document formatting, insert footnotes and comments, turn track changes on and off, insert common citations and legal words such as F.3d, plaintiff, etc., and more.

Does it make sense to pony up $65 for a keyboard that makes ALT-commands and keyboard shortcuts easier to use? Check out the video.

Couple of things I forgot to mention in the video:

  • I liked the "clickiness" of the keyboard. (As I said in the video, I really dislike my laptop's soft-touch keyboard.)
  • Though the keyboard is optimized for Windows/Office, many of the functions worked in other apps, such as Wordpad.

UPDATE: I was interviewed, along with fellow legal bloggers Robert Ambrogi and Brendan Kenny, for a newspaper article about the LegalBoard in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on January 28.

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