Fastcase 7 Has Arrived


Fastcase 7* is now available to Jenkins' members. To use the new platform, sign-in to Fastcase through Everything will look the same on the Fastcase home page, but notice the toggle switch in the upper right:

Fastcase 7 toggle switch

Select the toggle to FC7 and you will switch to the new Fastcase 7 platform:

Fastcase 7 platform image

All the great features you enjoyed from Fastcase 6, like Forecite and Bad Law Bot, are easy to use on Fastcase 7, and are joined by new features and improvements. As in Fastcase 6 you may still search from the main search bar or the advanced search screen. You can now get all of your results on a single page with infinite scroll. The interactive timeline appears at the bottom of the results page. Use filtering to efficiently narrow your search results.

Fastcase will default to Fastcase 7 soon, but users will still be able to use the toggle to switch from Fastcase 7 to Fastcase 6 to allow everyone time to get familiar with the new platform.

For help with the new platform, check out Fastcase's video tutorials or contact us.


* A 24/7 member benefit for sole practitioners and attorneys in firms with less than 50 attorneys.

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