Fastcase Acquires Docket Alarm


On January 10, Fastcase announced that it had acquired Docket Alarm. This acquisition should allow Fastcase to expand its services into docket alerts and provide users with sophisticated data analytics. Docket Alarm is known for predicting litigation outcomes and providing analytical profiles of judges, attorneys and law firms: "We tag each case with which side won. Looking at thousands of cases, we can tell you the likelihood of winning given a particular judge, technology area, law firm or party" (Docket Alarm,, last visited 1/16/2018).

In terms of content, Docket Alarm has a focus on federal courts and intellectual property specialty courts. It also includes select state coverage. Docket Alarm subscribers still have access to this content through Fastcase users - stay tuned for updates on how Fastcase plans to leverage Docket Alarm's strengths to help its users with powerful analytical tools.