Women's History Month and the Oxford English Dictionary

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March is Women's History Month, and the Oxford Dictionaries blog is celebrating with a quiz about "the words of womenkind". Jenkins' members can find the definitions of words like gynarchy, herstory, philogyny, Queen Bee, suffragette, and superwoman on the Oxford English Dictionary database, a membership database available to all Jenkins members.

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Jenkins members have remote online access to the Oxford English Dictionary , one of the most recognized dictionaries in the world. Containing over 600,000 words, the OED provides both current and historical definitions of words and phrases. Though typically updated on a quarterly basis, the OED...
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On Tuesday we explored the history of the Oxford English Dictionary from its 1857 origins to the publication of the Second Edition in 1989 . Though the Second Edition is the last edition available in print , the OED is continuously being updated on its online platform . In fact, not only are new...
The Oxford English Dictionary is perhaps one of the most recognized dictionaries in the world. With past and present definitions of over 600,000 words, the OED touts itself as a "historical dictionary" that includes not only the current definition of a word, but also its history. According to the...