New Look to ProQuest Congressional's "Search by Number" Feature


ProQuest Congressional enhanced its interface this summer, and its "Search by Number" feature has a new look. Search by Number is great to use when you have the citation of the document you are looking for. This feature can also be used when you are looking for documents that are related to a Public Law or a bill.

To access the "Search by Number" feature, once in ProQuest Congressional, use the top menu and navigate to "Congressional Publications", then "Search by Number".

The categories listed in the menu on the left can be expanded to see all "Search by Number" options. There is also an option to see all available citation searches.

For those unfamiliar with the different types of congressional citation options, ProQuest added explanations.

Conducting a search with the citation works the same as it did previously. If you know the citation of the document you are looking for, select the appropriate citation option and complete the form to find the desired document.

The "Search by Number" feature can also be helpful when looking for documents related to a Public Law or a bill. The search results will return not only the Public Law or bill, but also documents directly related to that Public Law or bill. 

To start, use "Search by Number" to find the Public Law or bill:

In the search results list, the "Top Result" should be the actual Public Law or bill searched. Below this will be a list of documents directly related to that Public Law or bill:

Use the "Content Type" and "Document Type" filters on the left to navigate to the various types of related documents:

For more information about the enhancements to the ProQuest Congressional interface, see our previous blog New Enhancements to ProQuest Congressional.

Need help navigating ProQuest Congressional? Check out their LibGuides page or ask us!

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