Hornbook on Torts


Hornbook on Torts 2d by Dan B. Dobbs, Paul T. Hayden, and Ellen M. Bublick offers a one volume comprehensive introduction to tort law.  It addresses standard topics related to torts and covers evolving areas of the law, such as duty to protect third persons from harm and apportionment of liability. It uses recent cases, statutes and illustrations to help readers understand the important and constantly changing area of tort law. Chapters include: "Tort Law in Practice", "Defenses to Intentional Torts", "Wrongful Death and Survival Actions", "Emotional Harm", "Damages" and "Economic Torts".

This title, along with other titles in the Hornbook and Nutshell series, is available to Jenkins' members through West Academic Digital Library.

Note: Hornbook on Torts replaced the classic Prosser and Keeton on the Law of Torts. Tort law has changed substantially since the publication of the 5th edition of Prosser and Keeton in 1984; this led to the decision by Dan B. Dobbs, who had been a co-author on Prosser and Keeton, to publish a new work. Sometimes this older title is still of interest, though.  If, for example, you need to check an old reference, the library has retained several editions of Prosser and Keeton

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