Unique to Jenkins: PA Legislative Histories and Court Records & Briefs

As a Jenkins Law Library member, you gain access to content that is uniquely valuable to Pennsylvania legal researchers. Our collection contains many hard to find materials such as historic Purdon’s Pennsylvania Statutes, Pennsylvania records and briefs, Pennsylvania House and Senate Journals, current and historic PBI’s, and more. 

Our librarians have also completed much of the research for you. Through the several Jenkins home-grown databases, members can remotely find Pennsylvania materials compiled by our staff. Our Pennsylvania Legislative Histories database contains over 1000 legislative histories. Each history contains the available remarks and debate for a particular bill, accessible in PDF format for you to easily download. And if you are looking for a history that we have not yet compiled, contact our librarians for information on member research services

Another unique resource available to Jenkins’ members is our Court Records & Briefs database. Jenkins receives records and briefs from the Pennsylvania Commonwealth, Superior, and Supreme Courts. We index the records and briefs and upload the full text of the briefs for our users to access remotely. See the Court Records & Briefs database page for full coverage information.

If you are an attorney looking for unparalleled access to Pennsylvania legal materials, contact our membership staff today for more information on how Jenkins can support your legal practice.

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