Happy Birthday to the ALR!


Congratulations to the authors and editors of the American Law Reports (ALR) on its 100-year anniversary. The first article of this unique legal resource was published in 1919. Many articles, several series and hundreds of volumes later, this set continues to help researchers today.

The attorney-authored articles in the ALR take a specific point of law, issue or fact pattern and pull together the relevant case law.  It is a great time saver when you find an entry dealing with your specific issue.

ALR articles include analysis of cases from all U.S. jurisdictions. They can provide an introduction to an unfamiliar area of law and help you determine which cases are controlling.  Thomson Reuters' website explains: "Every article is a complete research brief that summarizes all caselaw relevant to a specific legal point. Articles analyze distinctions among cases to give an objective analysis of both sides of an issue. Plus, the authors add prefatory statements, detailed outlines, practice pointers, and cautions."  In addition, each article includes related references to law reviews, encyclopedias and more to assist researchers.

ALRs include thousands of articles on subjects from admiralty to zoning.  Examples of some recent entries are: "Application of Due Process Right to Family Integrity and Familial Association to Aliens and Immigrants" (32 A.L.R. Fed. 3d Art. 8), "Requirements Under State Law for Foreclosure on Home Equity Conversion Mortgages or So-Called Reverse Mortgages" (21 A.L.R.7th Art. 4) and "Federal Communication Commission Rules Governing Limits on Television, Radio, and News Ownership" (46 A.L.R. Fed. 3d Art. 6).

The American Law Reports are available at the library on our public access Westlaw stations. Need help?  Ask us!





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