Corbin on Pennsylvania Contracts


Corbin on Pennsylvania Contracts is a new addition to our LexisNexis Digital Library. This title thoroughly covers Pennsylvania contract law and was designed to help the busy practitioner:  "It is written and organized in a manner consistent with the Corbin treatise [Corbin on Contracts], and in the Corbin tradition, it provides a comprehensive and accurate statement of Pennsylvania contract law in a readily accessible manner. Because the practice of law is not confined to one state, where appropriate, this volume demonstrates how Pennsylvania law differs from the majority or other prominent positions" (Preface, Corbin on Pennsylvania Contracts).

This book devotes multiple chapters to the statutes of frauds, third party beneficiaries and damages. Other chapters include "Acceptance and Rejection of Offer", "Consideration", "Interpretation of Contracts" and "Varieties of Breaches of Contracts - Total and Partial Breaches".  The authors, Timothy Murray and Jon Hogue, possess valuable experience in Pennsylvania contract law. They have created a resource which fills a real need in Pennsylvania legal research materials.

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