Insurance Bad Faith in Pennsylvania


Insurance Bad Faith in Pennsylvania by Richard McMonigle is now on its 20th edition, and LexisNexis Digital Library provides electronic access to this Pennsylvania classic. Congratulations to Mr. McMonigle for 20 years of scholarship with this resource.

In this title, the author aims to help practicing attorneys, claims professionals, judges and law clerks who are focused on an insurance bad faith issue. Insurance Bad Faith in Pennsylvania contains overviews of this complex area of law, commentary and summaries of case law from Pennsylvania state and federal courts.  In the Special Forward for the 20th Edition, attorney James C. Haggerty explains that this text "has become the bible of claims professionals and attorneys involved in bad faith litigation in the Commonwealth" because the author "has consistently provided a comprehensive update of all decisions throughout the state, with a fair and intelligent synopsis and analysis of each development and decision." 

The case summaries have been grouped by topics and are well organized. Chapters include "Common Law Bad Faith in Pennsylvania", "Defining Bad Faith Under §8371", "Procedural Issues in Bad Faith Actions", "Example Where Courts Have Found Bad Faith May Exist" and "Examples Where Bad Faith Has Been Found Not to Exist". The sections in the book can be very specific and may help practitioners answer very focused questions like "Who may assert a third party bad faith claim", "Who may bring a bad faith action", "Who may be sued for bad faith", "Is an insurer a fiduciary" and "Who decides if bad faith exists". See also the useful Verdicts Appendix tables at the end of the volume, which present verdicts where the insured prevailed at trial and another where insurance companies prevailed at trial (or after appeal).

Whether you are looking for an introduction to insurance bad faith in Pennsylvania or are experienced in this area, this comprehensive and balanced resource is a must.

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