Scientific Evidence, 6th Edition


The 6th edition of Scientific Evidence (2020) by Paul Gianelli, Edward Imwinkelried, Andrea Roth, et al. is now available on LexisNexis Digital Library. This three volume treatise is written for the active litigator. It “covers rules and precedents relating to admissibility, constitutional limitations, discovery, expert testimony, laboratory reports, and chain of custody.” The authors have made several changes in the 6th edition, including a new chapter on digital evidence that has been added due to “the proliferation of “digital” evidence, including sophisticated computerized techniques for determining the contents of electronic devices and the authentication of electronically stored and generated evidence” (Preface).

The title is divided into three parts, “Part I. Pretrial and Trial Evidence; Constitutional Concerns”, “Part II. Behavioral and Social Science Evidence”, and “Part III. Feature Comparison Matching”. Chapters include “Expert Testimony”, “Constitutional Issues Related to Scientific and Expert Evidence”, “Social Science Evidence”, and “Fingerprints”.

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