Case Search: Docket Searching on The Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania Web Portal


The Administrative Office of the Pennsylvania Courts is working on a multi-year project to update the Unified Judicial System Web Portal. The goal is to streamline the experience for users. They have simplified navigation and consolidated docket sheet and case calendar information into one easy to use search screen. 

The new Case Search screen allows docket searches across all levels of court. The search results will provide both Case Information and Calendar Events, with the docket sheet available as a link. To help navigate search results, there are also new sorting and filtering options.

Use Case Search to look for case information from Pennsylvania’s Appellate Courts, Criminal Courts of Common Pleas, Magisterial District Courts and the Philadelphia Municipal Court.  Note: If you are looking for an Appellate Court docket, make sure to select either 'Appellate' or 'Docket Number' in the drop-down search options.

To help users with the transition to the new site, all existing web browser bookmarks that point to the portal’s docket sheet and calendars search pages will be redirected to a temporary landing page. The landing page has more information and instructions on proceeding to the Case Search screen. Although the redirect will be there to assist users until the end of 2021, it is recommended to update bookmarks as soon as possible. Our research guide, Pennsylvania Dockets - Quick Links, has been updated.

For more information on Case Search, see What's Changed on the UJS Portal?, Search for and View Public Docket Sheets or view the video, Case Search: Searching for Docket Sheets and Calendars.

Stay tuned for additional tips in using this site.  Need help?  Ask us!

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