Philadelphia Court's Coronavirus Information

With everything changing so quickly related to the pandemic, make sure to check out the Philadelphia Court's Coronavirus Information page. This site provides information on Court operations during the pandemic and offers a complete list of relevant orders.

See, for example, Administrative Docket 17 of 2021 which deals with resumption of in-person proceedings and availability of hybrid hearings in the Orphans' Court. This order is effective May 17, 2021 and makes reference to The Orphans’ Court’s Protocols and Guidelines for Conducting In-Person and Hybrid Judicial Proceedings, which is also available through the Court's Coronavirus Information page.

Some other recent posts have included a Notice to the Bar about updated protocol for the Compulsory Arbitration Program and President Judge Administrative Order 18 of 2021 dealing with the Moratorium on Philadelphia Sheriff’s Mortgage Foreclosure and Tax Sales.

Keep up-to-date with this site, as well as the Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania's Coronavirus Information page.

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