Legal Research Guides: Pennsylvania Administrative Law

Trying to research a Pennsylvania administrative law question? Take a look at the newly published Pennsylvania Administrative Law, by Joel Fishman, Ph.D., M.L.S. This title is part of the Legal Research Guides Series and offers an extremely helpful bibliography for an area of law that can be tricky to research. 

The goal of the bibliography is to cover the topic as thoroughly as possible for both primary and secondary sources. Sections include: "Sources of Administrative Law", "Researching Current Regulations", and "Researching Proposed and Historical Regulations". The author offers helpful background on the Pennsylvania Code and Bulletin and provides suggestions for researching regulatory history.

Pennsylvania Administrative Law also lists sources for the administrative decisions that are available from different agency boards and and indicates if they are accessible on a commercial database, such as Westlaw or Lexis. This is a question we get quite a bit at Jenkins, so this resource is much appreciated! In addition, Pennsylvania Administrative Law has a great breakdown of encyclopedias, treatises and continuing legal education materials that cover a topic related to administrative law.

Need additional help with research? Check out our research guide on the Pennsylvania Code & Bulletin or ask us

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