Search ALM News Publications on Bloomberg Law


Looking for access to American Lawyer Media (ALM) news content? Many ALM news publications are now available on Bloomberg Law. Popular publications include The American Lawyer (coverage begins with 2001), The Legal Intelligencer (coverage begins with 2000), The National Law Journal (coverage begins with 2002), New Jersey Law Journal (coverage begins with 1994), and New York Law Journal (coverage begins with 2001). 

To access ALM news publications on Bloomberg Law, select the “ALM News Search” link from the “Popular Links” box on the homepage.

The link will direct you to the ALM Media News search page where you can filter by specific publications. 

Once you have selected one or more publications, you can run a search in the top search bar. At least two search terms are required. From the search results page, results can be narrowed by date and sorted by relevance or date. 

Stop by the library today to search ALM news publications on our onsite Bloomberg Law computer! Have any questions about Bloomberg Law? Ask us!

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