Finding Labor Arbitration Awards on VitalLaw

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VitalLaw, available in the library, is a great resource to find labor arbitration award information. Its Labor & Employment Arbitration Awards collection includes awards from the CCH Labor Arbitration Awards beginning with 1960 as well as AAA awards beginning with 2009.

To find arbitration awards on VitalLaw, navigate to the Labor & Employment Law practice category. The arbitration awards resources are listed in the Labor & Employment Arbitration box. The CCH Labor Arbitration Awards are split into two separate files by date (1960-1985 and 1986-present). And the AAA arbitration awards are separated into Employment Arbitration and Labor Arbitration. A topical index and arbitrator biographies are also available.

To search all labor and employment arbitration awards, hover over the Labor & Employment Arbitration heading and click on the magnifying glass:

A search box will open with the arbitration materials selected. Click on the arrow next to Labor & Employment Arbitration to narrow the search to specific resources. Then add your search term(s) and click "Go".

Looking for more resources to search arbitration materials? Ask us!

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