Trial Handbook for Pennsylvania Lawyers

The Trial Handbook for Pennsylvania Lawyers, 3d (Vol. 11) is part of West’s Pennsylvania Practice Seriesa series of treatises that cover a wide range of legal topics. The series is published by Thomson Reuters while this specific volume is authored by Lynne P. Iannelli and Emil L. Iannelli. 

The Trial Handbook for Pennsylvania Lawyers offers deep description and analysis of aspects in current trial caselaw, rules, and statutes. Some of the more substantial chapters in size cover conduct of trial (chapter 2), burden of proof (chapter 9), examination of witnesses (chapter 15), documentary evidence (chapter 23), opinion evidence (chapter 24), hearsay evidence (chapter 25), and admissibility of other types of evidence (chapter 29). 

The volume includes a summary of contents, a table of contents, table of cases, and a general index.


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