Warren's Forms of Agreements: Fern's Desk Edition


Looking for a sample form related to a business transaction?  Take a look at Warren's Forms of Agreements: Fern's Desk Edition, available to borrow remotely on LexisNexis Digital. According to the title's Preface, the Desk Edition is "intended to be a handy and concise resource for lawyers preparing agreements for business transactions". For additional forms or commentary, check out the multi-volume set, Warren's Forms of Agreements, which is part of Jenkins' print collection.

Chapters in the Desk Edition include: "Business Entities", "Sales of Business Assets and Ancillary Agreements", "Sellers Agreements", "Computer and Internet Agreements" and "Franchising".  The forms are based upon documents from actual transactions, with details and state specific information removed.  They are intended to be used as a starting point for practitioners, who may need to tailor them to the law in their jurisdiction or to the details of a specific transaction.

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