Legal Negotiation in a Nutshell


If you're interested in a book that succinctly covers the subject of legal negotiation, the 4th edition of Legal Negotiation in a Nutshell is now available on West Academic Digital Library.   "Text first introduces negotiation in law practice and representing a client in legal negotiation. Covers the basic types of legal negotiations, case evaluation, and preparation. Also addresses the types of legal disputes that should not be negotiated."

Chapters include, “Effective” and “Ineffective” Legal Negotiators, Legal Negotiating “Styles” and “Strategies,” and the “Stages” of Legal Negotiations", "Planning, Preparation, and Working with the Client",  "Opening the Negotiation, Bargaining, Information Exchange, Tactics, and Persuasion" and  "Reaching Agreement or “Final Breakdown,” Wrapping Up the Details, Drafting the Agreement, Interpreting the Settlement, Fairness, and Defects in Settlements".

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